Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Uspallata cheap hotels

The small town of Uspallata is one of the best choices when planning a vacation. A different and equally beautiful that pleases young and old. A pure snow, mountain, sports, country and sun. To take into account when we schedule a happy day.
Halfway between the capital intensive activity and the majestic silence of the mountains, the small town of Uspallata is an excellent option when planning a vacation in Mendoza with taste of relaxation and adventure. The range of activities proposed by this charming town of leafy avenues, guarded by the murmur of the stream San Alberto, is as surprising as inexhaustible.
The presence of the mighty Mount Aconcagua, the Sentinel of America, dominates the landscape. He is the undoubted star of adventure tourism activities, which are more frequent in the summer season. In winter, the ski is an absolute monarch.

One of the most favorite places for tourists is the ascent to the viewpoint of Aconcagua, which affords the summit of the highest peak in America in all its serene and breathtaking beauty. But this trip is just one of many that can be done in the area. Most of enticing names such as: Ghost Town, Magic Valley of the Wind, Experiential Museum Open Air Sculpture are just some of them. The traditional proposal, meanwhile, invited to challenge the high mountains, walk the Inca Trail, visit the Jesuit ruins, learn the major wineries in the area and to play the heroic journey of the Army of the Andes.

From Uspallata also estimable plan a visit to the baths of Villavicencio, pure mineral spring water that still retains traces of its past splendor, when it was one of the favorite summer resorts for the upper class in Argentina.

The Pukarainca hotel, located in the middle range, offering tourists a range of activities of particular charm. Among them, the kitchen open countryside, or walking for a night watching shooting stars and find out. During the day, the proposal was to play to discover one of the famous Andean mirages. And why not, a field roast washed down with excellent local wines.

The range of activities in Uspallata complete with hiking, fishing, horseback riding and the chance to meet the Indian community Huarpe founding people in the culture and identity Mendoza. For a quiet evening with family, nothing better than a city tour for souvenirs and delicious regional products.

Outside the capital, Uspallata is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places to plan a vacation in Mendoza.

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