Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vegas Strip Hotels

Why go to Las Vegas if you hate gambling? Think of it again. Gambling is close to death and taxes – unavoidable. All gamble. Life is a gamble.

The greatest sensation in Las Vegas is to slap a $50 dollar bill on bill on the table then walk away two times richer than you walked in. Should the money vanish into another’s pockets or purse, you could always go back to your hotel room and cool it off in a Jacuzzi. If you feel like enjoying yourself a little bit more you could engage in funny chit chats in the hotel lobby as you listen to other’s experiences. The Las Vegas strip hotels are situated in friendly and incident free areas of the strip thus convenient enough for those who might want to do different things day or night without having to go far from the hotel they are staying in. Though this establishments could be close in proximity, stepping into a one after another feels like stepping into totally different worlds.

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