Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story of Las Vegas

It is said no story gains by repetition. The only exception to this rule is the story of Las Vegas. It has been retold close to seven decades. It has been a theme in movies and all kind of publications. Which ever way this story is told, there is always the mention of Siegel Bugsy. Bugsy is the crazy attractive gangster who left New York to build a casino in the middle of a desert in Nevada.

Bugsy mixed with the high the high and the mighty who enjoyed his casino’s intricacies. The casino became too expensive to operate and a year later he ended up with a bullet in the eye. He did not live long enough to see Las Vegas strip hotels spring into what they are today. Bugsy is however recognized as a man who upheld a classic American dream and took the necessary steps to put into action that which would later involve not only America but the entire world.

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