Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hotels in Villavicencio

La Reserva Natural Villavicencio save many treasures to discover. From the beauty of its landscapes, its incredible variety of flora and fauna and freshwater springs, to the old hotel Villavicencio air with its mythical past splendor. To not let go.
Mendoza is rich in beautiful natural reserves, thanks to the exuberant vitality of nature. Located just 60 km from the provincial capital, Villavicencio Nature Reserve is an extremely attractive destination when planning a trip during our vacation in Mendoza. Natural Reserve in live incredible landscapes Villavicencio, a town of flora and fauna to the astonishment and a road dotted with historical landmarks of the great epic sanmartiniana.

To reach the reserve from the city of Mendoza have to cross the central region of the Department of Las Heras. It is time to marvel at the desert landscape and the ancient retail outlets where, many years ago, the inhabitants of the province are served free of mineral water springs in the region. There he worked for many years the first bottling of Villavicencio, a natural mineral waters preferred by the Argentines.

Canota Monument reminds tourists that are on the trail of the glorious Army of the Andes. This monument remembers the point at which the General San Martin decided to split in 2 his army to attack more effectively to the royalists in Chile.

Later, the desert fades into a lush green forest and heralds the beginning of the reservation. Among mountain road and deep gorges, guanaco, advanced the immense variety of flora and fauna of the reserve, greet visitors. A 2200 mts. high, the Mirador de los Caracoles provides an overview of the beauty of the valleys and mountains takes your breath. In the distance, stands the hotel roof of Villavicencio, a must in the reserve. Witness to a heyday, the hotel that high society around the country came to enjoy spa treatments closed its doors in 1978, but remains intact all the luxury that characterized him. This splendid building, opened in 1940, realizes that the high level that singles out the hotel in Mendoza is not a recent thing, but a tradition of many years. In the old kitchen of this hotel, whose stays were booked a year in advance, a renovated bar area greets the weary hikers with the house specialty: Malbec and incredible good ham sandwiches. The perfect finale for a magical journey.

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