Friday, July 30, 2010

Las Vegas discount hotel foods?

Las vegas so called cheap hotels are a place for entertainment as we all know. Do you think it is a great place to have god quality food? Rice and cheese can be found anywhere but not as well done as in Milan. Las Vegas discount hotels offer a lot but not the best food variety. Today we talk about that:

Are rice and cheese your favorite foods? If the answer is "yes," Milan is a city designed especially for you. The kitchen is made from traditional Milanese dishes based on simple but delicious. Moreover, Milan's passion for fashion extends to the agenda: the city is full of restaurants serving the latest culinary trends. Find a restaurant where you can spend an enjoyable evening in an intimate setting with impeccable service and the best food is not difficult in Milan.

The Italian food tends to be deeply regional. Each city has its own signature and its ingredients. Still, Milan has been influenced by the massive influx of workers from the industrial boom, so it has influences from Sicily and Tuscany. Still, the Milanese cuisine has its own distinctive flavor.

Unlike in other Italian regions, Lombardy prefer to benefit from a northern European custom when cooking: use butter instead of oil, which gives a special flavor to your dishes. The famous style of the Milanese ", typical of this city, is based on an egg batter and bread and grated cheese and sauteed with butter all this.

Their most popular dish is the risotto, usually cooked with meat. Pasta is very popular too. Usually prepared baked or stuffed with meat or cheese. The Milanese have a weakness for cheese, often served in puddings, desserts or creams. Another popular specialty is the Osso Buco, almost always accompanied by risotto. The meat is very common among the menus, especially beef and pork. They also tend to eat fish, especially trout and pike that are caught in the numerous lakes of northern Italy. Do not forget to try the "cassouela", a dish made from various poor areas like tail pork, ribs, skin, feet and ears, cooked with green cabbage and other vegetables.

Finally, the Panettone is a sweet bread with raisins, lemon and anise, come from the Milan area, but consumed throughout the country. This is the typical Christmas cake, but there is nothing to prevent the tourists eat dessert at any other time of year. Another typical dessert is the Torta di Tagliatelle, a sweet cake made of egg noodles and almonds.

The pizza is very popular in the city. Pizza is made from the wood oven, giving them a delicious smoky flavor. Some of these restaurants have paper tablecloths (typical in the region) and that they paint with pencils and the same gift you dawdle drawing while waiting for your pizza.

Want to taste traditional Milanese dinner at one of its eateries? Take a flight to Italy and rent apartments in Milan for the best accommodation. If you're thinking of visiting the city not forget to try their delicious food.

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