Thursday, May 20, 2010

Las Vegas Discount hotels?

Las Vegas is a great place. A place full of surprises and fun. Getting a deal for Las Vegas cheap hotels cannot always be easy. Paris is another great place where you can do a lot:

Paris is a fascinating city, not only for adults but also children.
It is not just the city of lights, love or romance, but also has become a city of children. Sure the kids are standing on the big tour through Paris. It is the ideal city to visit family. His greatness is open to small game and the house is preoccupied with her. Here are your supplies an amazing variety of fun places to go: There are beautiful parks to visit and all kinds of activities to do, always close to major tourist attractions.

The most famous monuments of Paris are well known by almost all children: even the smallest known the Eiffel Tower! And what child does not know Notre Dame Hunchback famous for the Moulin Rouge or the romantic? To make matters worse, there are plenty of museums made especially for children as well as some cafes theaters. In addition, many other fun places as zoos, or the best theme parks in Europe, such as Disneyland Paris and Asterix park. Also. There are also small puppet features scattered throughout the city, there is a tradition.

Walking along the banks of the Seine is a must: your children will enjoy a beautiful view over the city. On the right bank can stroll through the Tuileries Gardens, while children taste a delicious sundae. On the left bank, you can stroll through the gardens of Luxembourg.

Go to Paris and not visiting the Louvre is a crime. That's why they created a family tour specifically designed for children. It's called "Tour of the Family, young treasure hunters. With this tour together they may enjoy the works of art. Children have to find some tracks through the Louvre with a treasure map interactive and educational. With this tour, children will learn many of the masterpieces of the museum.

In addition to the Louvre, there is little else that we should miss: La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. This is one of the largest science museums in the world and most visited. This has a special section for children called La Cite des Enfants and Techno Cite. It also has an aquarium, a submarine and a planetarium.

The Luxembourg gardens seem especially designed for children. It is the largest park in the city and is packed with activities for children. Puppet shows are performed daily. It also has a colorful carousel, pony rides and a pond where the children can do sail a toy boat rentals.

Finally, a Seine river cruise is the perfect way to put the icing on a busy day. The "Batobus" a cruise on the Seine and the children can see with other eyes, a fantastic city. Do you still think that Paris is the city of lights?

Who said that traveling with children is complicated? Not in Paris! Find the perfect accommodation and choose apartments in Paris. Make your children feel at home!

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