Friday, February 26, 2010

Las Vegas Cheap Hotels come with a price.

Las Vegas cheap hotels come with a price. They are not as cheap as you may always think. It can be difficult to find a good deal without spending a lot. Las Vegas is a place full of surprises. Today we talk about Paris, another place full of surprises:

We usually call it "the city of lights" or "city of love."
But Paris is also a metropolis with nearly two million people. Approximately 25 million tourists come every year to visit its 400 parks, 70 markets and 150 museums. Enough to make you lose your head. Where the hell to start in a big city like Paris? Do not worry, we're here to help. Get ready for a quick guide to all that not to be missed in Paris.

Of all the beautiful churches, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is emblematic. He has served as backdrop for many films and books, and at night the illuminated facade view is simply amazing. Make friends with the gargoyles and up its steps to the tallest tower to have unbelievable views over Paris. Then stroll along the Seine River and charming footbridge crosses the Pont des Arts.

If you have not ever been in the Louvre Museum, put it in first place in your list. It is impossible to see everything, so choose the most outstanding works: check out the kitsch extravaganza stays of Napoleon III, throw fire a smile to the Mona Lisa and admire the beauty of Venus de Milo. If after this you are ready to buy some art for your own living room, go to St. Ouen to look at the Flea Market (Les Puces). Still keeps the charm of the sites that have not been discovered by mass tourism. There you can find whatever you want, from dusty books, to antique furniture or vintage clothing.

For a walk through a park, choose the Jardin du Luxembourg. Flowers, fruit trees and fountains to help you escape from everyday life. Be sure not to miss the impressive fountain Medici. Now that you have recovered some energy, follows the path of Amelie Poulain and runs up the hill to Montmartre. Although the neighborhood has lost some of its bohemian atmosphere, the small streets still attract many artists. Wander through its narrow streets and do not miss a visit to the Sacred Heart Church.

But the city also has a dark side. To enjoy the best experience out of the tourist pull, down to the Catacombs of Paris. Here lie the remains of some 6 million Parisians whose bodies were moved there from the Cemetery of the Innocents during the eighteenth century. The subway ride is about 2Km. long ... And there is no outlet for cowards!

As for nightlife, they still have some budget to spend, just look for the red windmill to find the famous Moulin Rouge. Enjoy the French Cancan by the hand of Doriss Girls, while taste, a glass of champagne. To pass a more tranquil night, go to the Duc des Lobards, where you will find most beautiful jazz music. Often, international artists such as Freddy Cole and Olivier Ker Ouri operating there.

When you're hungry, do not hesitate to spend a few euros in a delicious pancake in one of its street food stalls. "Our favorite? Crème des marron (chestnut cream). For a more sophisticated dinner, go to Le Jules Verne. It boasts of being not of the best restaurants in town. Oh, and it's easy to find! Located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. This explains its astronomical prices.

How would you like to join one of their local festivals? Sports addicts, better prepare for a trip to Paris by July, as the Tour de France ends traditionally in the Capos Elysees. Even more famous is the festival of the Bastille Day on July 14. With fireworks, parades and dance tracks outdoor event is one not to be missed.

Go and discover the magic of Paris. Hire the best apartments in Paris and you'll be forced to return with unforgettable memories of your stay in the city of lights.

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