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Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Las Vegas is a place of attractions and amusements. People look into getting a deal especially like a Las Vegas cheap hotels in order to save money and utilize there money for other things which they enjoy most.

There are many Las Vegas strip hotels to choose from and they all give out excellent deals. It is indeed great fun traveling around the world. Today I would like to talk about Morocco. I know people who like to travel and have been to Morocco which is locally known as Marrakech and had a great time. This is what their experience and recommendations were:

Marrakech hosts a wide variety of international festivals of all genres and constituting one of the many attractions of the City Ocre. Here is a list of some of the best and most interesting festivals held in Marrakech:

1. International Festival of Music University of Marrakech (FIMUM)
The 6th edition of this cultural event held in April 2009, brings together several Moroccan university ensembles and other countries, including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, France, Syria, Portugal, Palestine, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Sweden. The FIMUM, with its dimensions of education, human and cultural, has a main objective to contribute actively to the cultural boom Ocre City.

2. National Festival of Popular Arts in Marrakech (FNAP). This festival, the oldest of Morocco celebrates its 44th edition in July 2009 and brings together over 700 artists and 40 companies around the country. Besides the dances ,amazing and Gnawa musicians spectacular under the Badi Palace, the festival also displays other traditional dances and songs representing each region of the country in many venues throughout the city.

The public will enjoy great duets between Moroccan and contemporary artists and artists and ensembles of the younger generation. The best bands of all regions of the kingdom are selected to showcase the richness and cultural diversity and musical heritage of each region and therefore the country.

3. International Magic Festival in Marrakech
A large number of magicians of Moroccan and international renown from Italy, Spain, France and China participating in the 6th edition of this magical festival in March 2009.
Chosen carefully in all corners of the planet, the talented participating artists have won awards in magic competitions in the world, including Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Beijing, Paris or Rome.

4. . Festival Dakka Marrakchia
The people of Marrakech are still resisting against Western rhythms and celebrate their own rhythms in the 3rd edition of Festival Dakka Marrakchia in January 2009. The Moroccan Association of Friends of the Palm (AMAN) has taken over the preservation of musical heritage of the City Ocre recalling his African roots. This 3rd edition will enjoy an opening to other similar Moroccan rhythms such as the Dakka of Demnat or of Taroudant.

5. International Festival of Laughter in Marrakech
The creators of the festival want to relive, in its 4th edition December 2009, the dynamics of laughter and humor and provide the opportunity to shine for young unknown artists. In this sense, comedians, actors and singers as well as directors and television producers, writers or just curious come together from all over the world to share their interest in humor, laughter and comedy over three days .A score of comedians in France, Belgium and Morocco are participating in this event, which also held a competition for young talent. A variety of shows, including monologues, animation, burlesque numbers, dance, concerts, games, gags and even children's shows.

6. SUN Festival - National Youth Festival and Music of Marrakech (FNDJEM)
This second edition of the Sun Festival in June 2009 is a valuable springboard for young talents through competitions, workshops and awards. The original festival, unique and eclectic brings together some 250 young artists and established musicians a hundred alternative scene Moroccan, and host all kinds of styles and musical influences: traditional Gnawa music, rap and hip hop Moroccan and French rock, electro , folk, pop, Rn'B, house, fusion, etc..

7. International Contemporary Dance Festival in Marrakech 'Marches On "
The 4th edition of this cultural event held in January 2008, hosted dancers and choreographers from several countries, including Spain, Japan, USA, South Korea, Greece, Ivory Coast, Norway, Iran, Burkina Faso and France. In addition to dance performances and entertainment, the festival also offers workshops and roundtables, as well as film screenings and dance videos, and to respond to the interest of bringing dance to a wider audience and enable a wider dissemination of the various genres of art included in the festival program.

8. International Theater Festival of Marrakech
The menu of the 5th edition of the festival, usually held during the month of May, includes an international conference animated by eminent Moroccan and foreign teachers, roundtables and workshops. The event hosts invariably troupes from countries around the world, including Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, France, Belgium, Serbia, Sudan, Monaco and Italy. Each edition of this festival is dedicated to a leading figure in the Moroccan theater to celebrate the lives dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of the drama.

9. International University Theater Festival of Marrakech
The festival program is varied and original. Held in November 2008, the 2nd edition of the college cultural event includes dance, comedy and drama represented by companies and academic professionals coming from France, Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Russia and Switzerland, as well as several local and national troupes young Moroccans . Round tables, conferences and workshops complement the attractive offer of this festival.

10. International Film Festival Marrakech (FIFM)
The FIFM is the premier event dedicated to cinema from Morocco and possibly the entire African continent and the most important cultural event and glamorous Ocre City. The festival normally takes place in November or December and celebrates its 9th edition in 2009.The event brings the film world famous worldwide and the jury includes directors, actors, producers, writers, writers and international film personalities. The FIFM is chaired by Prince Moulay Rachid and designs and rewarded with the Gold Star to all types of films and shorts from around the world.

So, as you can see the scene, the festival of Marrakech is varied and high quality as well as one of the many attractions of the city. To fully enjoy your holiday experience, choose from the best hotels in Marrakech or one of the charming riads in Marrakech and undoubtedly, the festival will have an unforgettable experience Ocre City.

In contrast Las Vegas is a city of light and not as much culture. It has been rightly called the Sin City. There are all vices that can be found there- gambling, wild parties, drinking etc. Indeed a lot of people prefer that. You can go there with friends and family to enjoy the lavish hotels and shows etc. You donot necessarily need to be involved in all these vices. Make sure thought that when you plan to go you find a good deal for a Las Vegas cheap hotels on the strip.

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