Monday, August 18, 2008

Cheap Motels in Las Vegas

Cheap motels in Las Vegas can be found, if you take the time to search out what is available to tourists. They can vary from being unrated, up to being a 2 star Motel. Of course the 5 star Motels are not going to fall into the category of cheap.

Using the term cheap, does not mean sleazy. They offer accommodations that are clean and comfortable with basic service, both on the strip and downtown. With weekends being the hub of activity availability may be a little more difficult to come by. Another thing you will discover is, that room rates are a little higher then. But still well in the affordable range. If you are vacationing, then you will most likely want a cheap Motel along the strip. You may want to make reservations if you are going to want one over a weekend period. Las Vegas often hosts trade shows. If you are visiting for this reason you would most likely be better off in one of the downtown Motels. It may be a little quieter if you ‘re on business.

In addition there are Cheap motels In Las Vegas that will meet a variety of needs. For example kid friendly, and those that will allow pets. In the kid friendly Motels you will find some that have swimming pools and other basic activities. Most of the Motels in this category offer the basic amenities. Most of the suites are adequate with a fridge, microwave and average size television. Some offer laundry service and modem lines for internet hookup. Being as Vegas is an always active place there is usually 24 hour desk service at the Motels. On the strip or downtown you will find no shortage of Cheap motels In LasVegas.

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