Friday, August 8, 2008

Budget Motels Las vegas

Budget motels in Las Vegas offer an affordable vacation option. They are not the low cost accommodation s that is offered by the cheap Motels. They basically offer services very similar to the upper class type Casino Hotels. One of the main differences is the rooms normally face out into a courtyard whereas in Inns or other loggings the rooms all face out into an enclosed hallway. Often Hotels and Budget motels in Las Vegas are advertised as one and the same. Most offer some type of light food for example many offer continental breakfasts. They are more apt to accept pets than the Hotels. Usually you can count on availability.

Some of them that offer the best budgeting pricing is Travelodge. Only located 3 blocks from the strip with easy access to the Monorail. They lean to a southwestern d├ęcor and offer clean well kept guest rooms. Another group that offers good accommodation on a budget is the Motel 6 chain. Any of the Motels will vary in what they offer but not drastically. All stay pretty well in the same price range. You can find ones that have swimming pools, or games rooms. Some are wheelchair assessable. Some are nearer the dining and shopper centers whereas the others are nearer the casinos. For families the lodging that is offered is a great value for the money. Most leisure travelers enjoy the simplicity of the suites and the not so much hustle and bustle of the large Hotels. Kids seem to enjoy them more as they are not quite so confined. Parking is great and easily assessable from the room in most cases. Most family and senior vacationers that have been to Las Vegas will usually recommend the Budget Motels Las Vegas has to offer.

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