Sunday, April 6, 2008

Las Vegas Strip Hotels

As you may all know that vegas stands out as a jewel in a desert. You can see the bright lights from the distance. The las vegas strip hotels offer a variety of entertainment for the tourist to attract them.

By far this is the ultimate experience of lights and sounds. Most of the tourists find las vegas cheap hotels to crash and then spend the day roaming around the strip. If you are not hearing music from the Elvis impersonators you will be hearing the chapel bells from someone getting married along the strip. Among these hotels are:

monte carlo vegas: This one is located near the strip. One of the budget las vegas hotels being. It offers a lot of accesories and you can get good deals if you plan out sensibly.

treasure island vegas: This one is one of the nicer las vegas strip hotels. If you search well in advance, avoid weekends check in and check outs you can get a decent deal in this hotel.

mgm grand vegas: This is again one of the finest las vegas strip hotels. I have personally stayed here and absolutely loved it. It is located on the south side right where the action is. All you have to do is step out and it is all there. A lot of people search well in advance and you can get a pretty decent deal especially if you are a group of 3-4 then you can share one room and get an even better discount package.

luxor vegas: located at the south end of the strip. Maybe not in the best location in vegas but you should be able to get good deals in this. It also has the famous Paris Hilton las vegas night club.

The title of “Sin City” has been earned after the casinos, fabulous shows and wonderful food which one comes across. Getting cheap rooms in las vegas may seem like an impossible task initially but it is easily possible given the intense competition. This fierce competition serves to your advantage. It is indeed possible to go back and forth two competing hotels and get the a best discount hotels in las vegas. This is also known as bartering. Of course not everybody is comfortable with this and therefore this is not for everyone.

Personally I feel if you can save money on the hotel accommodation you can spend more on entertainment, after all a room is a place to sleep only. You should also consider what other offers do the hotels offer before you commit to anything. Some may offer free offers e.g. cheap attractions while other may just offer complimentary breakfast. You can never get hurt asking for a better deal and stay among the nice las vegas strip hotels.

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